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“You haven’t Lost Me, I Am Right Here” Cremation Ashes and Oil on Linen 72cm x 102.5cm

As an artist you have so many practicalities to attend to, aside from putting paint to canvas!

Therefore my blogging and social media updates are few and far between, however I am going to try harder to keep at it!

Today I would like to give a huge shout out to FB RICE The IP Navigators. As an artist I am always looking to the future, for ways to bring fresh new ideas to my paintings. This is how I started my little business Particular Pet Portraits. As an avid animal activist and lover, I enjoy painting pets and their people.

When my beloved little doggy Suki passed she came home in a box as ashes. Not happy with this, she inspired me to paint her portrait using these ashes and hence a patent was given to me based on my innovative product.

Yesterday I took advantage of a morning meeting in the offices of FB RICE and cannot recommend them more highly for their knowledge in how to protect intellectual property and grow your business.

So today I am urging not just fellow artists, but anyone with business concerns on trademarks, patents and such to give these kind, user friendly folks a call for practical advice and help.



Level 23, 44 Market St Sydney NSW 2000

AUSTRALIA PO Box A851 Sydney South NSW 1235 Australia Tel: +61 2 8231 1000 Fax: +61 2 8231 1099 General enquiries email: Filings department email:

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