Bobby the Birthday Commission

What a lovely Birthday surprise for a much loved sister!

Margaret had me do a painting of little Bobby as a birthday surprise for Barbara. It was a wonderful day having lunch at Aria and presenting the birthday girl with her "doggy bag" at the end of dessert.

I get as much, if not more joy making people happy with their

cherished memories; captured in oil on linen. Not to mention the wonderful Aria luncheon!

The story of Bobby;

"Shortly after losing our beloved Paddy, our neighbor – and veterinarian – rang to say he was coming across with a surprise. Öh no John! Not another dog! We’re not ready yet!” Five minutes later he was being towed up our driveway by the dearest little terrier, tail wagging madly and smiling through a set of white buck teeth. There was no further talk about not wanting another dog yet and, after being closely examined and approved by our other dog Rosie, Bobby was accepted into the household, and has been a delightful companion ever since."

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