Pet of the Month (or Suki takes a walkie to Mosman)

You haven’t Lost Me, I Am Right Here” Cremation Ashes and Oil on Linen 72cm x 102.5cm

This year the Mosman Art Prize is 70 years old, I was 17 when I passed to the other side!

However not happy about being in a box, I gave my poor Mumbles the idea of painting with my ashes; which she so cleverly patented. Not only am I out of that darn box, I can now be with my beloved people everyday.

New to this dimension, I have been entered into the Mosman Art Prize and must say loved the walkies from Tamarama to Mosman.

Exhibition from 23 September – 29 October 2017, Congratulations to 2017 finalists cannot wait to see the exhibition.

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