Commissions and "Beauty Beyond Ashes"

Works are available by commission and are created from photographs and consultation. Expression and pose is the most important aspect in re-creating the personality of the loved one with photos. I see my work as a service, not just a product where you send me photos to paint from. Therefore, I offer a complimentary consultation, to ensure your memories are captured exactly as you would want them to be remembered. The paintings are realistic, composed and painted in a contemporary style to suit your needs. Rich vibrant colors are overlaid to create the depth required to capture the individual character of each personality. This can take 2–4 months, on average 3 months. Each portrait is hand-painted on linen with artist quality materials (these have the most lustrous, stable and permanent colors). Your pet’s portrait is unframed with painted edges so framing is unnecessary (but this is your choice). Each work is done personally by me and signed, ready for hanging.

​Should you want the patented "Beauty Beyond Ashes" technique I have a system in place to ensure the ashes are handled with the proper care and respect deserved. The painting, depending on size will generally use about half a cup of the ashes; with the remainder returned with the painting.

Death is not a private tragedy of your own, as Hamlet said; "Know that death is common; all that live must die."

If your companion has already passed through "Heaven's doggy door" remember that as with relations that have been given a proper send-off; pets who have loved you and stood by you, never questioning you; should also be honored in passing.