candice reid-latimer 



Individual, special, and unique personality of your loved ones captured in a commissioned painting. Using the highest quality oil paint on linen your special parent, child, pet or combination; can be unveiled in a painting

that will last forever.

When my pampered little pet Suki came home in a box, I felt she reached out from the beyond in the studio, to tell me she didn’t want to be in a box on the mantle; but alive looking out from a painting.

Hence I developed the patented “Beauty Beyond Ashes” technique, and she was reborn. This is an option however, you don’t have to wait for your special friend to pass to order a painting; maybe with yourself included to show your special bond.

Let’s have a free consultation at my office or your home, to find the perfect solution to your special memory preservation needs. As an award winning artist, I offer a money back guarantee with every painting; to ensure that your special memories are captured. 

Australian owned business with each piece individually painted by me. Do not be fooled with other websites that take your images and outsource to cheap overseas labor, who copy onto canvas. Also I give a percentage of each pet work to PETA and other animal charities, so you know you are paying it forward to our voiceless little friends.

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